Products & Services

1. Exclusive GOIL products and services – Good Energy!!

    • Retailing of GOIL petroleum products – the best quality in the industry.
    • Retailing of lubricants and related products manufactured and marketed by GOIL.
    • Lubrication, fine tuning and general servicing of automobiles.

2. General Car Maintenance:

  • Vulcanizing, wheel alignment and maintenance of automobiles.
  • Major body works, light touches and spraying of automobiles.
  • Car Washing and Detailing Services.

3. Mini – Shopping Mart and Business Center:

  • Sale of stationery and educational tools.
  • Photocopying, Emailing, Telephone and Fax Services.
  • Utility Bill Payments.
  • Business Letter Writing, Affidavit / Notary Services.

4. Sale of Construction Materials:

  • Cement Blocks.
  • Solar panels and related tools and accessories.
  • Floor Tiles.
  • Iron Rods.
  • Roofing Sheets.
  • Woods and Boards.
  • Construction fittings and fixtures, tools and accessories.
  • Sand, stone chippings, and gravels.

We provide free after sales transportation services for purchases of Ghc 15,000.00 or more of construction materials anywhere in the district as our show of appreciation.

5. Motel and Lodging Facilities:

  • Guest rooms rental at affordable prices for:
  • Short or Extended stay.
  • Individuals or Groups.
  • A well-maintained gym and sporting tools for use by customers.

6. Catering Services:

  • Fresh foods preparation, packaging and Sales.
  • Sale of Agricultural produce.
  • Restaurant and Bar services.
  • Entertainment and recreational facilities.

7. On site Safety and Security Services:

  • Periodic on-site patrols by local police to ensure the safety and security of customers.
  • 24 hours on site security monitoring and protection by management.
  • Periodic routine checks and inspections by National Fire Service and regulatory enforcement agencies to ensure total safety and security compliance.